Local Attractions

We are always updating this page to highlight some of the local attractions and “must do” activities within our locality. We are passionate about our lovely part of the world, and would love to show you what to see and what to do. Why not get away from it all and spend a few days or a weekend relaxing and recharging the batteries.

Baston lies on the very edge of Deeping Fen and is a pretty village with a medley of brick and stone houses. Its story is ancient and Saxon pottery and other remains have been unearthed here. An archaeological dig in March 1966 on a site between the Car Dyke and Ermine Street that was in danger of destruction by ploughing revealed the remains of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery. The excavations revealed many unusual finds that provided evidence of cultural links with Yorkshire and North Europe and included 44 decorated cremation urns and two inhumations dating from the early 5th to the early 6th centuries.